Tuesday, June 19, 2007

USC ITS relocation and server downtime

In a recent email to USC students, Information Technology Services (ITS) announced extended downtime for several services as they move equipment to a new facility. The expected downtime is from 6 p.m., June 22, to 6 a.m., June 23. According to the email, services available through scf-fs.usc.edu will be unavailable. This includes:

- student home directories for all Solaris SCF accounts,
- student logins to user-lab Solaris systems,
- interactive logins to the student time-sharing hosts aludra.usc.edu
and nunki.usc.edu,
- student websites

This move is part of an larger ITS consolidation of both equipment and personnel to their new facilities at 3434 S. Grand Ave., just east of the Harbor Freeway. For more information on the consolidation read the USC Public Relations' story.

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Catalectic said...

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