Monday, April 30, 2007

How fountains get ready for commencement

All around campus buildings and walkways are getting cleaned with high-pressured washers. For many fountains the annual cleanup involves painting of the water basins and scrubbing of tiles. The most recent fountain to get cleaned is the "Youth Triumphant" one in Alumni Park. This fountain is the centerpiece of the commencement proceedings and its white basin often is repainted before large events.

Bookstore opens book buyback

The USC bookstore opened its text book buyback service across from the main store on the USC campus Monday. Workers assess if the bookstore has any use for the books and then pay students for those which they can resell in the fall. Students always express dislike of the system as the buyback system gives them back only a fraction of what they paid for the books.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Baseball breaks losing streak

Saturday the USC men's baseball team broke their home losing streak by beating Washington State University, 9-5. The Trojans have not won a home game since defeating Arizona State on March 25. The win Saturday ties the three game series with WSU. The last game will be played Sunday at USC.

Seniors participate in traditional fountain run

On Thursday night, the seniors performed their traditional fountain run. As is the tradition, graduating seniors (often under the influence of alcohol) played in the fountains all around USC through out the night on Thursday. In addition to the seniors, a number of other students joined in the revelry.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yearbook starts distribution

The 2007 El Rodeo yearbook, entitled "Color Me 'SC," is now being distributed. The tent at the corner of STU facing Tommy Trojan has free books for students with an activity sticker or for $50 cash or check. The 400 page book is the largest book in recent memory, and for the first time is in all color. Students can pick up their yearbooks anytime from 9-4 on weekdays until commencement.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Campus buzzes with activity

Usually during the final weeks of a semester the campus is very quiet on the weekends. Not this time. The annual Springfest with a dozen bands, carnival games, and booths is going on all afternoon on McCarthy Quad. FMS is out in force cleaning buildings, planting flowers, and getting ready for commencement. There are also several hundred elementary and middle school students on campus attending what appears to be workshops in various locations around campus.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

UNICEF Concert Rocks Into the Night

USC's UNICEF benefit was held on Thursday night. The concert featured a number of artists who performed long into the night on McCarthy Quad. Due to cool weather the crowds were fairly small. Residents of several dorms around the quad expressed dislike of having the concert going on so late with final papers and projects underway.

Flexcar comes to campus

Flexcar, an hourly car rental system or "car sharing" system has added USC as one of their new locations for their cars. Students who pay a membership fee can "rent" the car for only an hourly charge.

The new parking spots are in right in front of several dorms and near the bookstore.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

FMS Busy as Commencement Approaches

As commencement approaches, facilities management services (FMS) staff are busy replanting flowers all over the campus. The most common are cardinal and gold pansies of which hundreds are planted in Trousdale planters we well as in Alumni park.
Buildings are also getting pressure washed. Starting around 6 PM each night FMS workers haul out pressure washers and clean steps and sides of buildings.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Saturday's Swim With Mike a Success

The 27th annual Swim With Mike was held on Saturday April 14 at McDonald's Swim Stadium. The annual swim-a-thon raises money for the USC Physically Challenged Athletes Scholarship Fund. This year the group was able to raise almost 1 million dollars. Student groups that swam the most laps included the USC song girls and spirit leaders.

Besides the swim-a-thon, specatators got to watch water shows by the USC Dive Club and a Riverside synchronized swim team.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gusty winds batter USC

Thursday's gusty winds battered students and staff as they ventured outside. The winds blew leaves off branches, and branches off trees.

Around the new Lucas building winds produced hazardous conditions for pedestrians as sand and construction debris took flight. In Associates Park a number of large branches fell across walkways.

Baby pigeons hatch at EVK

At EVK this week new members of the USC family hatched. These recent additions to the family are not entirely welcome as recent font-page coverage in the Daily Trojan expressed some students fears after squirrels and pigeons are getting more assertive.

The nests, which are located in the nettles designed to keep birds from nesting under the EVK overhangs are located on both sides of the building.

New/North Evacuated After Fire Alarm

At 11:42 PM on Wednesday the fire alarms in New/North activated.

The building were evacuated. LAFD arrived approximately 5 minutes later and cleared the building soon after. For the next hour DPS went room to room looking for people who had not evacuated. It is unclear if the students who failed to leave would be cited.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Leavey Tiles Dangerous

On Wednesday afternoon the usually loose tiles in the front of Leavey Library became expecially lose, causing students to trip.

The most dangerous tiles are located right in front of the main doors. Front door monitors put up signs warning students of the lose tiles.

Construction continues and trucks increase

As construction continues on the new cinematic arts building the number of trucks taking away dirt from the construction site has increased in the past week.

Now trucks wait along Jefferson, then enter campus via gate 5 and then to the construction site. From there they continue down 34 and leave campus. Where they cross pedestrian areas a series of flaggers stop pedestrians allowing the trucks to cross.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Humming birds return

With the coming of spring around the USC campus come colorful blooms. With those blooms comes the hum and buzz of the USC humming bird population.

The constant squabble of the humming birds can be heard throughout the day especially around PSD and the cinema complex.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Power outage

Saturday night around 7:30 the power for most of USC went out and stayed out for about 20 minutes. The outage set off fire alarms and forced the evacuation of several buildings. LAFD was on scene and cleared buildings once the power was restored.

Trojan Huddle

At the Coliseum on Saturday the 2008 USC football team held an open scrimmage. The game, which included simulated crowd noise in addition to the 15,000 fans present, was an opportunity for both fans and the team to get ready for the next year of football at USC.

Highlights included great performances by Booty (QB), Denis (TB) and Patterson (WR).

Friday, April 6, 2007

New EDIC for Daily Trojan Elected

The elections for Daily Trojan editor in chief were held Wednesday. After listening to the speech from the only person running for the position, the staff elected Joanna Lin. Lin has been a member of the Daily Trojan for several years and is currently the managing editor for the Daily Trojan.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

2007 Commencement Speaker- Ted Koppel

The 124th annual commencement will feature Ted Koppel as the main commencement speaker. The award-winning broadcast journalist will speak on May 11. For the full listing of activities on commencement day visit the USC commencement website.

Renovation takes place in BRI

The second floor of Bridge Hall (BRI) is under renovation.
This floor, which is primarly computer labs for the Marshall School of Business, is beign renovated for new computer labs and a computer lounge area. Even with construction, several computer labs are still open.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Take Back the Night

The annual event to promote awareness of and prevention of rape and other crimes against women took place on Thursday. The event which drew a large crowd at Tommy Trojan was this year entitled "Shatter the Silence."